Eclectic Homeschool – Learning Items

I am an eclectic decorator.  Because of this our home is filled with items that scream “us”. The things we like we keep, for a LONG time. It has taken me years to realize that I am not happy with a cookie cutter home, that showrooms and magazines rarely speak to me because the items have not been accumulated over time. I could care less if my end tables match or that I have ten different pillows on my couch. Much of my decorating includes boxes to hide the stuff crap I accumulate, Ikea organizers, a plethora of books and science items. As an artist, mother, homeschooler, I have noticed if I LOVE an item it has the following qualities: it will FITS the space well, it is USEFUL, and I gather ENERGY from it.

The items that speak to me in such a way are the ones that stick around for the long haul. My design aesthetic is much the same for our curriculum and learning choices. Shopping online, thrift stores, yard sales, using Netflix or YouTube, it truly runs the gamut. Instead of selecting a curriculum for the year and following it day to day, I prefer (as do our children) to set goals and let those guide our days. Last year was our first year truly homeschooling, and man it was a wild ride. I had already tried the whole k12 thing, which didn’t work for us AT ALL. We then moved on to a sort of unschooling/deschooling philosophy. During this time, we exploited our freedom and spent time getting used to just being together. This summer when looking forlearning itemsinstead of curriculum I followed the same rule of thumb as I do when decorating.

  • Does it FIT with our goals? And our space. . . Small home woes
  •  Is it Useful?
  •  Does it give me/us ENERGY?

Our learning items don’t have to have all these qualities. However the ones that do seem to get used over and over with enthusiasm!

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