Getting Back to Nature

For four days and three nights we cooked over the fire, slept in sleeping bags, stargazed, plunged into swimming ponds, and made new friends. We learned about turtles, Native American ingenuity and the great big universe.


When we decided to go on a family camping trip we choose a state park because of its price, location, and amenities. However, we found that the parks provide an amazing amount of activities, and learning experiences for the public at a very reasonable cost. ( In Minnesota a annual vehicle pass is only $25.) The speakers were fun, engaging and friendly.

We highly recommend using and supporting state and national parks as an amazing resource for your homeschool. Check out those close to you at the America’s parks website.


The kids were able to find many critters including snakes, toads, frogs, and dragon flies. During the parks activities they were also able to meet Shelby the turtle and learn about all of Minnesota’s turtles and how to identify them. As well as, how they can help keep turtles safe.


There was another wonderful talk on how the Natives utilized different types of tree bark to make canoes, homes, rope and more. The kids were even able to make their own piece of rope from the bark of the basswood tree. They even got to keep it as a souvenir tied as bracelets.


One evening we were able to meet with two U of M astrophysics Graduate students who gave a great talk on the universe. They even set up two telescopes for viewing Saturn and a few stars. Jason also set up his telescope for viewing.

Oh, and of course we had Smores’ 

  DSCF6748   DSCF6888

All in all we had a wonderful time, learned a lot, and found another great homeschool resource. We have already started planning another day at Kathio in September, learning all about anthropologist.

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