By the end of my day (6ish) I sit down, with a book, a notebook, a drawing pad, paints, and something on the television or radio. Multitasking keeps me grounded. Usually, Jason is around, either making room near me while I have my crap sprawled out on the bed or coffee table, or he’s enjoying his time doing his thang (computer, snowmobiles, astronomy). The kids are sucking up their evening time with movies, Minecraft, and youtube while playing, drawing, and building. Maeve is running from front door to back door intermittently; call it her evening workout. I’ve come to love this time of the day when we can just chill. The kids run into the bedroom and tell me whatever it is that has popped into their minds, I occasionally have to remind them not to bump me while I’m “working,” we smile, tell each other loving words and go on with our personal time. What is so fantastic is that while we are separate, we don’t feel it.

During the day I’m completely enveloped in their play as it is my play too, hours of read alouds (seriously I read aloud 2-4 hours a day, thankfully not all at once) math, writing, cooking, plus all the adulty things that just need doing. This week and last week Jason has switched over to night shift for an unforeseen amount of time. The flow of my days has become all the more important and the extra task of trying (and failing) at keeping the kids quiet for the morning has added another level of planning to my adulty things to do. I call it a good day when I can sit down and contemplate on the moments of today while wishing and planning for the best tomorrow.